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No Roof Left Behind

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An Amazing Program – With An Amazing Cause

In 2009, a Detroit, family owned roofing business was having troubles due to the recession. The business encountered so many families that needed new roofs, but no money to pay for one. That’s when they had an idea to give away a free roof.

They decided to have the local community nominate deserving families. They put together a website and spread the word through social media. They received so many nominations and referral business due to the program. Other roofing contractors caught wind and wanted to find out how they too could be a part.

Giving Back to the Community

No Roof Left Behind was created for roofing contractors who would like to get involved with their communities by giving back to them. They help streamline the process for contractors by training contractors how to go about giving away roofs.

There are a lot of great organizations that do a lot to help low-income families that align the contractor with someone who needs a new roof. The contractor donates his labor and feels good, but it seldom results in new business. NRLB’s five-phase approach allows you to truly involve your community in your giving from start to finish.

How It Works

1. The contractor invites the public to nominate a deserving local resident in need of a new roof.
2. The contractor narrows down the nominees and chooses four finalists.
3. The public is invited to vote for the most deserving finalists.
4. The contractor announces the winner.
5. The contractor hosts a family-friendly installation celebration for the winner.
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