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How to Maintain Your Flat Roof This Winter

Many owners of flat roof buildings are intimidated at thought of maintaining their roof. Though maintenance is required to significantly improve the life of your flat roof, it does not need to be something that overwhelms you. Here are five easy tips to help maintain your flat roof this winter:

1) Clear the Debris

Gently sweep the roof clear of leaves, twigs and small branches. When debris collects on a roof it increases the chances of water pooling and can wear on your roof’s protective membrane or coatings.

2) Clean Around Drains

Remove all dirt, leaves, and grime that collects around each drain.

3) Clean Inside Drains

This can easily be done with a garden hose. Simply run water through the drains to clean out any buildup that may have accumulated in the drain.

4) Inspect the Roof

Inspect your roof for holes or tears that may have occurred to your roofs membrane or coatings.
Note: If holes are visible, please contact a professional for repairs.

5) Prune Trees Around Building

Remove any branches or trees that could become a safety threat to your roof. This will reduce the chance of broken limbs or trees damaging your roof.

Note: Please exercise extreme caution when climbing ladders or inspecting roofs. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment and safety monitor present to ensure protection from bodily harm.

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